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Jewel's Carat
Quasimodo van de Molendreef x Caletto II

Jewel's Diamant
Cardento (Holst) x Dominard (Old)

Jewel's Sir Weihbach
Sir Donnerhall x Don Schufro

Jewel's Dominard
Domino x Perfekt

Jewel's Brown Boy
Lucky Boy XX B 1843 x Centurio 1216 SGLDT

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Jewel's Carat

Stallion | 06-09-2002 | BWP | bay | 1,65

A Carat is well known as a gemstone - "a unit of purity for gold".
A Carat is something special, extraordinary and unique just as Jewel`s Carat.

Jewel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Carat truly meets all these descriptions. Born 6.9.2002 out of the unique mother  Classic Touch who not only was known as an extraordinary sport horse but also was special by her willpower to perform. Classic Touch (25.3.1984-13.9.2008) Holsteiner mare out of Caletto II mother from Landgraf x Ladykiller XX was the only horse having a clear round at the final day of the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona with Ludger Beerbaum which honored them with the Individual Gold Medal. Classic Touch was just 8 years.

Jewel`s Carat is the only existing stallion out of Classic Touch (official name Whippe) by Caletto x Cor de la Bruyere and Quasimodo van de Molendreef. With just 165 cm the spectators eye is caught by an enormous canter stride. Sevada, Classic`s mother out of the Holsteiner motherline 4025 keeps the very influencial Landgraf x Ladykiller xx kombination in her fatherline.  Quasimodo van de Molendreef`s mother Jarme V`t Steentje keeps Lys de Darmen in her motherline who`s influence is honored  by the BWP (Belgian Warmbloed Association) with the title of an Ambassador of the BWP.

Jewel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Carat has an outstanding character as a sport horse with the will to perform. He is following his superb rider Marcus Ehning in every arena without being impressed even in the biggest ones like Aachen. In the barn he is gentle, easy going and friendly. He is intelligent and honest.  

He is forming a highly successful team with his rider Marcus Ehning which you can see in his uitstanding performances documented at the Palmares category or visit Sportpferde-Ehning.com . He was best performing youngster at the CHIO in Aachen in 2009. 

Jewel\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Carat is approved stallion of the AES and OS (Oldenburger Springpferde Stamboek) and recently Studbook Zangersheide due to his extraordinary talent, interesting bloedline and great sport performance.


Jewel's Carat 140 CSI ** Lier - Christoph Verheyen
Carat en Christoph Verheyen, Azelhof Mei 2014
Carat S springen- Rulle 2012
Carat in Gronau 145
Winst GP Stadlohn
Winst in GP Walltrop aug 2012

Jewel's Carat - CHIO Aachen (3)
Jewel's Carat - CHIO Aachen (2)
Jewel's Carat - CHIO Aachen
Jewel's Carat (4)
Jewel's Carat (3)
Jewel's Carat (2)
Jewel's Carat
Jewel's Carat - Genève 2008 (3)
Jewel's Carat - Genève 2008 (2)
Jewel's Carat - Genève 2008

sire Quasimodo van de Molendreef Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Jarme van 't Steentje Lys de Darmen
dam Classic Touch Caletto II Cor De La Bruyere
Sevada Landgraf I
Las Vegas


 2010 aged 8
CSI**** Muenchen
Bioranch Youngster Cup
5th 1,35m First round
2nd 1,40m Speedclass with jump off

Paderborn - Bioranch Youngster Cup
2nd Final round Bioranch Youngster Cup
9th Qualification Bioranch Youngster Cup

Global Champions Trophy Cannes
CSI***** clear round Prix Barclays 12th
CHIO St Gallen Swiss
Prix de Metzgerei Gemperli , Intern. 1,40m clear round 18th
Grosses Wegelin Jagdspringen Intern. 1,45m 
clear round 10th


CSI Hamburg
2nd 1.Qualification for the 41. Derby of Hamburg Intern. Jump. 1,45m
Clear round 15th in a Intern. Jump. 1,40 Eroeffnungsspringen nach Fehler /Zeit

CSI Lummen
5th Intern Jump. 1,40 with jump off


Koerung Hannoveraner Verband

Koerung Zangersheide

CSI Leipzig Partner Pferd
7th 2nd Quali.Bioranch Youngster Cup 1,40m with jump-off 7-8 year old horses
8th 1st Quali. Bioranch Youngster Cup 1,40m with jump-off 7-8 year old horses

5th Springprfg.  S* 7 -8 year old horses

2009 aged 7

Koerung OS (Oldenburger Sportpferdestammbuch) door Internationale Sportprestatie

CSI Muenchen
4th Final Bioranch Youngster Cup Intern. with jump-off 1,40m 
3rd Qualifier Bioranch Youngster Cup Intern. 1,35m 

CSI Lyon
3rd Prix Automotive - Land Rover 1,35/1,40m 7 year old horses
CSI Hannover German Classics
4th Final Bioranch Youngster Cup Intern. Springprfg. 7.-8. year olds 1,40m
3rd Second Qualifier Bioranch Youngster Cup Intern.Springprfg. 7.-8. Year olds 1,40m
2nd First Qualifier Bioranch Youngster Cup Intern. Springprfg. 7. -8. year olds 1,35 m
6th Springpfg. Kl. M** 
4th Sprinprfg. Kl.S* mit Stechen 

CHIO Bad Aachen
3rde S* Intern. Sparkassen Youngster Cup 1st Qualifier
4rde S* Intern. Sparkassen Youngster Cup 2nd Qualifier
3rde S** Intern. Sparkassen Youngster Cup Final with 2 manges Best performing 7year old horse 

Balve 10th Zweiphasenspringprfg. Kl.S* intern.
Balve 4th Springprfg. S* intern.

Wiesbaden 7. Bioranch Youngster Cup 2nd Quali. Springprfg. Kl.S* intern. (1,40m)
Wiesbaden 2. Final Bioranch Youngster Cup Springprfg. Kl.S* m. jump-off (1,40)
Hamburg 16th Springprfg. Kl. S* Intern.

Arezzo/ITA 4th Springprfg. Intern. M**
Arezzo/ITA 2nd Zweiphasenspringprfg. intern. M** 

Winner S* With jump-off (1,30m) Preis der Fa. Estendorfer Logis Innovation GmbH/Borken GER 
Winner Zwei - Phasen Springpruefung Kl. M** Borken/GER

January 2009 
Leipzig 9th Bioranch Youngster Cup Sprinprfg. Kl.S* intern. 
Leipzig 8th Bioranch Youngster Cup Springprfg. Kl.S*intern.
Muenster 12th & 10th Springpruefung Kl. M**

2008 aged 6
- 25 starts Novice class L/M in Germany 16 time 1.-3., 9 x further plaziert
never below the 8,00 in Springpferdepruefungen
- Winner CSI Geneve Youngster Tour FEI  Prix de la Federation dÉlevage de Sport CH  
- Winner CSI Final du Youngster Tour FEI Prix de LÁrve/ Geneva

Licensed for:  

BWP AES, Hann., OS, Zangersheide
Studfee: Zie JV-Horses
Sperm: fresh -